Invelop Film is focused on cutting edge technology, engaging stories, and powerful characters. With several documentary and feature projects in development, 2018 looks to be a breakout year on the big screen.

Some of our work

Why I'm Not On Pokemon Go

Filmmaker Brant Pinvidic sets out once again to understand a new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, Pokemon Go. After discovering his 13-year-old daughter sneaking out of the house at night to catch Pokemon, Brant is catapulted into a hilarious journey of exploration and self-discovery.

Why I'm Not On Facebook

One man's soul searching decision on whether or not he should join Facebook sets him off on an epic journey of self-discovery as he weighs the pros and cons of becoming a member of the world's largest social networking site.

The Incredible Voyage of Captain Hook

An elderly wanderer is placed in a psychiatric institution upon being discovered drifting through traffic on a New Mexico interstate. A young psychiatrist becomes enchanted with this new patient when the man reveals himself to be none other then Captain James Hook. Through in-depth questioning, Hook reveals how he barely escaped Never Land after a maniacal bloodthirsty Peter Pan killed every last pirate aboard his ship. After he's institutionalized against his will, Hook is transformed from the fictional character whom he believed he was, into a man without a past, or so he is made to accept. The chilling outcome of the film involves the Captain pitted against that which he fears the most, the truth.

The Invisible Man

With his family, friends and an entire town against him, Oliver sets out to find the man responsible for ruining his life, there's just a small problem...